Brake shoe resting on cam. As the brakes come
on, the brake shoe pivots against the cam so that
the pad remains parallel with the rim. The spring
on top pulls the shoe against the cam
Reinforced cantilever brake straddle cable
Brake cam with hidden spring
for brake return
Drilled derailleur levers, both cables internal
Probably later Charrel repaint
Drilled Cyclo
Drilled brake levers
Drilled Cyclo lever
Internal dynamo cable
Drilled dynamo lever
Drilled Bell wing nut
Chain stay protector
Mudguard stay attachments
Cable exit : FD and RD
Brake stop filed to fit
Dynamo cable exit
Internal Cyclo RD spring
Repose chaine
Rear brake cable guide, seat post slot
Twin point mudguard fixation
Beautiful Charrel fork top
Rear brake cable exit,
stunning workmanship
Double cable FD
Fabulous metal work, riveting...